Life to the fullest

We believe in socializing and cooperation, which is why we are fully dedicated to sports, music, and our community.

Sports to the fullest

We connect people through their passion for the game and we celebrate together the cohesion potential of football.

We have been connecting with football for nearly a quarter of a century. Our vision is to become the greatest supporter of Slovenian football. We support teams, starting from the Slovenian 3rd league, where new talent is brewed, and all the way up to the national team, home of the Slovenia’s best professional footballers. We support bot men’s and women’s football, as sports to the fullest is one of our passions.

Music to the fullest

Music acts as a backgroudn of all our passions, moments, and milestones, which is why we support it to the fullest.

Everyone has their own soundtrack of life and everyone has their favourite song. Let’s create a crossroads of our favourite personal melodies.

Community to the fullest

We are brewing a better world for you.

We believe in connections and in the community. And we feel obliged to support good stories and good people.

Best things are worth the wait

We bring pleasure to the fullest all over the year.

We always surprise to the fullest. In the past we organised numerous prize competitions, and we brought smiles to many faces. Currently there are no active prize competitions, but we promise to surprise you once again very soon.